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Updated: Jan 14, 2020

This summer I did a ton of traveling on a budget. While going place to place, living out of a carry-on can be tough when you're wanting to have a fantastic wardrobe by your side. My professional tip? Pack lightweight materials!

This adorable floral print dress is from Pacsun. I actually purchased a handful of extremely lightweight dresses from this summer for some quick, easy to throw-on dresses that could easily be worn on the go and took up little to no room!

I absolutely loved this sweet, mint green dress that accents a simple tie at the chest. Extremely lightweight but also functional and comfortable. This dress works with tons of accessories to quickly change the look from day to night. I paired this dress with a jean material open-toe sandal with a cute cork heel and a beaded bag I found thrifting in Iowa City.

This summer I also had a full-time dream job, you could say. I worked downtown Des Moines this summer as an e-commerce editorial writer for publications like Real Simple, People, and Shape. I was living in a new city, working with new people, and started a new role. This internship not only gave me an incredible opportunity but also introduced me to a new city that I adore!

Des Moines is packed full with fun events each day of the summer that introduced me to new people, experiences, and places I had never been. My tip for being in a new place is to take it all in. Whether it's where you want to be or not, finding fun things to do in a new city might ease the transition...and who knows, it may become your new home?

Are you new to Des Moines or wanting to know some of my favorite things Des Moines has to offer?

Some of my favorite things to do in Des Moines:

  1. The Des Moines Farmers Market

  2. Visit the Greater Des Moines Botanical Gardens

  3. Sip wine at Jaspers' Winery

  4. Barhop in East Village

  5. Check out the Des Moines Art Festival

  6. Devour the best food at the World Food and Music Festival downtown

  7. Go to an outdoor concert at the new amphitheater

Photography by Zach Lefebure



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