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Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Only in Iowa have I found an abundance of kind people that will share their story with anyone...shows a lot about the character behind the people living amongst the land of dreams.

For those of you who might not know me, I believe I grew up in the best place. I have a beautiful family that has raised me to appreciate the land and culture that surrounds me, the place I proudly call home. I constantly have an itch to tell my story whether that be through music, writing, or fashion. I'm not sure where I will end up or what my personal story will look like, but I do know how much I appreciate my home and the closeness I feel to others. Fashion doesn't just exist in big twinkling cities. It exists in homes that are passionate about expression and on the streets where people create and share their voices. I have learned to appreciate my love for fashion because of where I'm from. People in Iowa tend to live easy and live simply. I have found a passion in learning more about sustainability because of where I am from and the people I've surrounded myself with.

Rundholz DIP

I found this beautiful dress designed by Rundholz DIP when shopping through the streets of Amsterdam. While I studied abroad, I loved boutique and antique shopping to find the hidden gems I couldn't get back in the States. I stumbled upon this fabulous store called Store Riele and I fell in love. It has stunning structural apparel that's simple yet extremely elegant. Made from 100% cotton this dress is breathable, lightweight, and extremely unique. The store focuses on sustainability and using only recycled materials. It has a stunning sheer lining around the neckline and sleeves and has a cinched bottom to create shape. I love everything about this dress and how easy it is...reminded me of home.

Sustainability Tips

Fashion recycling 101:

  • Wash your clothes less

  • When getting rid of items from your closet, send them to a local thrifter so a new owner can enjoy and love them!

  • Try to always buy organic cotton

  • Focus on fashion staples—clothing that can be seasonal and worn several different ways

  • Alter pieces you own! If it goes out of style, alter some of your clothes to fit into hot new trends or find accessories that will help make it new again

  • Check the labels before purchasing

  • Check the quality of the clothing before purchasing—if it's made with poor quality the shorter its shelf-life is and more likely to end up in the dump

  • Research brands who make their clothes out of recycled materials...FYI there are tons!

Photography by Zach Lefebure



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