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According to certain therapy websites, the color red represents strength, courage, confidence, and determination. Whether you're off to a celebratory date night with your significant other or cherishing needed you time, Valentine's Day can serve as a great reminder to be bold, try new things, and practice being uncomfortable. How do you start this quest, you may ask? Try buying chocolates for your crush or put on the boldest color out there—red.

Over the past week, there's been a trending hashtag you need to know about.


"A woman with a vision empowers an empire of women to do more, see more, and be more."

This challenge was created to give women a voice and a platform to step outside the notion that red is too overpowering and overbearing. Screw it; we were born to be bold! Will you join the challenge? Celebrate self-love by allowing yourself to be authentic, make a statement.


Why you should wear a red lip on Valentine's Day:

  1. The dinner—think about all the red wine and spaghetti you'll be indulging in...a red lip and red dress are practically stain-resistant.

  2. Being festive is fun. How many times a year do we get to go all out? Buy little gifts for the ones we love? Treat the holiday as a fun one...put on the red lip and hit the town!

  3. Red shows boldness, and who doesn't want to be with a confident woman? This holiday is the perfect time to showcase your pride in the woman you are working to be. A bold, red lip is an easy step into showing the world that you accept putting yourself out there.

  4. Date night is a perfect time to try a more romantic or edgy makeup look. Sure, you don't want to head to work all-done-up, but out for a cocktail hour or a night on the town is a great way to practice all the Youtube tutorials we know you watch. Don't be scared, try the lip!

Young Hollywood

A young Hollywood look is a subtle way to romanticize your makeup for the evening without taking it too far and still allowing you to feel like you're in your skin. For this Valentine's Day date or GNO, a Hollywood glam can be glitz up with bigger curls, a bold red lip, and a cool-toned smokey eye. Try pairing blue and purple tones in your shadows to contrast with the red lip. If you feel like a pink or red lip isn't your favorite hue, try a deep plum, which would be a great alternative to staying festive.

So, you may ask...what do I recommend when it comes to a bold, festive lip?

Depending on my mood, I have several options that should fit into everyone's styles. The first (farthest on the left) is a KOKO matte lipstick that turns into a burnt orange stain. Not only is this great for fall, but it looks beautiful on fair skin types. This product is not produced anymore but there's a very similar lipstick that I think is a great alternative. Check out this amazing Blushing Babe Lipstick Kit ($26).

If you tend to go a bit more natural when it comes to makeup but want a tinted gloss to give a tiny bit of pop, this Rosy Lips Vaseline by Lip Therapy ($4) is unbelievable. Not only is it vaseline, so it's creamy and rejuvenating but yet leaves a glossy stain that keeps the tint for several hours. And did I mention extremely affordable?

The bottom lipstick in the clear container is the classic KKW Peach Cream Lipstick ($18). This is not as bold of choice, but the cream-sickle hue fits in with the holiday perfectly.

Up next is the tiny but mighty matte lipstick from Sephora ($18 for the full bottle). This product is my go-to. I personally love rocking a bold lip. I think there's nothing more exciting than putting yourself out there, telling the world you showed up today—and this bottle does the trick. It's extremely pigmented, covering you from AM to PM with its long-lasting formula.

While I was working at Hearst in NYC, I fell in love with the Lip Stories Collection from Sephora ($9). Not only is the packaging literal perfection, but all the colors are on point. Best of all? I think it's the creamiest lipstick I've ever worn...honestly I've never owned a lipstick that feels so good on my lips, never allowing them to feel crusty or dry. I got a dark, rosy pink shade that's so fun. I've received so many compliments on the shade of pink that item number #1935048 gives. Be festive and join the Valentine's Day fun with a juicy pink lip.

Next on the list is *my favorite* keep that on the DL. This Lipstick by Flesh in the shade Soul ($18) is the color I'm wearing featured in these photos. This pigment is potent and as bold as I want my personality to be...enough said.

The bottle second closest to the right is currently unavailable but has a very similar tube at Urban Decay ($18). The shade I love is Mrs. Mia Wallace, a super intense blood red. While it's not bright, it's bold with its rich and purple undertones.

Last and farthest to the right is Colourpop's shade, Foolish ($8). This color is different from most, a brown/red hue that hints at the magic of fall. I love this color for all skin types and think it'd be such a fabulous choice for Valentine's Day if you're looking to stay away from the traditional reds and pinks.


**Digging through the closet trying to find a Valentine's Day outfit**

While I'm a more of a casually dressed person anyways, I think that a holiday like Valentine's Day is a great way to show your personal style. Just because the world is swooning over this day of "romance" doesn't mean you have to dress the whole nine yards. I applaud the women and men who get out their heels and cocktail dresses for this evening out, but if that's not your style...own it!

I decided to layer for the cold weather, putting together this super spunky tie top with a basic turtleneck and high-waisted jean. I simply added a bold lip and some accessories to spice it up. My Valentine's Day includes of tacos and margaritas for a fun GNO, so I thought this look would be comfortable and trendy.

Of course, this fun polka-dot tie top from Urban Outfitters is OOS, but I did find it on Poshmark for a lucky lady who wants to pick up the steal ($20)—looking for similar looks/wanting so Valentine's Day wardrobe inspo? Check out my Valentine's Day Urban Outfitters, Freepeople, and Revice Denim haul + all the links are under the style guide!

Ribbed turtleneck from Forever21, ($20)

Target Jeans ($29.99)

J. Crew earrings ($5.99)

Shirt from Comme Des Garcons Play ($118)

Photography by Zach Lefebure

I hope everyone has a fabulous February 14th celebrated with bold lips, stylish looks, and lots of self-care. It's a great holiday to reflect on personal growth and practice working working on confidence.

Don't forget to #rockyourredlipchallenge and tag your friends to take the challenge as well!



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