2019 Beauty Roundup

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

I am welcoming 2020 with open arms! Did you make any new goals for this new year? The new decade? However you decide to commit yourself to the new year, looking and feeling your best is extremely important. This past year, I spent a lot of time testing products to help clear my skin and I finally have results I'm proud of! Throughout 2019 I found tons of products I genuinely love and think you will too...worth buying in the new year! I hope you enjoy and happy shopping! Comment at the bottom if you have any questions about anything I link below.

Cleansers / Face Wash

I just recently started using this Mary Kay TimeWise 3-in1 cleanser ($17) and quickly fell in love. I personally keep it in the shower to use while bathing. Not only does it feel amazing during use, but after patting dry, my face feels tight and thoroughly exfoliated. This product is highly recommended for combination/oily skin and is soft enough for multiple uses each day if needed.

I'm obsessed with this travel-size Kale Detox face wash from Pacifica ($5). This best-selling product is perfect for taking on the go and smells like green tea! This face wash uses kale, seaweed, and blue seakale to help create a detox for your face, working to remove makeup and cleanse. I have noticed reduced blemish flair-ups from using this product. I love the tightness my face feels for the rest of the day after washing my face with this Kale Detox—makes for an effortless makeup application.

Favorite Face Products

This cleansing bomb from Clean It Zero ($17) is a great makeup removing option. I love it because after taking about a pea-size amount of the product, all my makeup is removed, including my mascara. It has a soft touch and leaves a glossy, clean finish. Simply use hot water to remove the product and your makeup. I like this cleansing bomb more than face wipes because it doesn't leave any burning sensation after use.

This Foreo facial cleansing device ($139) is a must if you are as obsessed as washing your face as I am. While this product is more on the expensive side, I've had it now for over three years. Whether you wash your face at night, in the morning, or in the shower, this device helps you remove the excess dirt with up to 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute. I add my desired face wash to the device and use it all over my face, but especially on my t-zone for extra attention and cleanse.

After washing my face with my favorite cleansers, I make sure to always moisturize afterward with the Olay Total Effects Whip that includes SPF 25 ($30). I particularly like this moisturizer more than previously used products because of the cool texture. The whipped texture is extraordinarily creamy and leaves my face feeling so soft and smooth after use! 100% recommend.

After using a moisturizer, I typically apply this CeraVe Resurfacing Retinol Serum ($20). I initially bought this product to help reduce redness and dark spots caused by acne scars. I have used this product for over a year and a half now and have noticed a difference in a couple scars. It also works to help soothe and smooth skin, just like a moisturizer.

Face Mists

I love using face mists before going to bed or right when I wake up in the morning to help hydrate my face before or after a long day. This Rose Water face mist from Glossier not only smells fantastic but is perfect for a quick pick-me-up ($15).

I also love this Vitamin Nectar face mist from Fresh ($25). This multivitamin face mist is applied to help hydrate and brighten your face after use. Bonus: the sprits can dual as a makeup primer! I don't use any primer to prep my face before applying makeup, but I do apply this after I wash my face and before applying concealer. I love how lightweight it feels after application and how amazing it smells.

Concealer / Foundation

This is my #1 favorite product I have in my makeup pouch. I have now used it for several years, and I'm telling you if I had to pack one product only on a trip...it'd be this one. Super cheap, like extremely affordable and works like a charm. This Lasting Finish 25HR Breathable concealer/foundation from Rimmel London ($5) is a must-have for anyone who wants to wear a very natural look. It has great coverage while not looking cakey. As I am someone who likes a pretty natural makeup look, this product helps me cover blemishes while allowing me to feel my best! You could say I'm in love.

If you're looking for a medium to full-coverage foundation, this Too Faced Born This Way Foundation ($39) is excellent. I don't personally wear a ton of full-coverage foundation, so I usually stick to the Rimmel concealer, but, when I do have a special night out or tons of breakouts, this is my favorite! It has a super smooth finish and is oil-free...which I love! It seems to hold all night long, and I love the finished look.

Blush & Bronzer

With the Rimmel concealer/foundation, this Glossier Cloud Paint ($18) is my second favorite product in my makeup collection! It's the perfect multi-use product working as a creamy eyeshadow, lip pigment, and blush. Because of my green eyes, a rosy pink highlights my skin tone and eye color. There are six different hues to help you pick the perfect shade for your tones.

I love this blush/concealer duo! I'm not one to wear a ton of makeup, and when I do, I like there to be very minimal steps while I'm getting ready...so if it's a two-in-one product, I'm in. I sadly couldn't find the exact link to this product, but there are several combination blush/concealers you can try that will be very similar! I am a huge fan of MAC products. They are trustworthy—I've had this product for almost two years. There's a MAC Powder Blush Duo Compact ($18) that is nearly identical to mine above!


If you're looking for a natural brow product, I have the one for you. This tinted Milk Brow Gel ($20) works to thicken your brows with tiny heart-shaped fibers. I love this brow gel because it shapes and keeps my brows in place while giving them a lift and looking extremely natural!


While this mascara is on the more expensive side, it's worth it. Honestly, the best mascara I've ever had...that's why I've gone through three bottles. This Le Volume De Chanel mascara ($32) achieves intense color and volume for thicker-looking lashes. With a combination of short and long bristles, the brush creates lashes that are a must.Wouldn't lie, it's the best.

There have been tons of reviews done on this product, deciding if the Better Than Sex Mascara from Too Faced ($25) is worth it or not. I just bought it a couple of months ago and like it. I feel like the mascara product is extremely thick and made my lashes longer than ever. The packaging is so cute, and the bottle is heavier than expected, it seems like it's a very high quality made product.

Lip Care & Color

Perfect for winter, this lip scrub is to help remove all the dry and dead skin off your lips. Removing dead skin is especially important before lipstick application during the drier seasons. Lush has tons of different scrubs made just for your lips—ranging around $10.

My favorite "universal skin salve" right now is the Balm Dotcom lip hydrator from Glossier ($12). I love this product so much, I've purchased it four times! Not only is it extremely long-lasting, and each application uses minimal product, but it also leaves my lips feeling hydrated like a lip balm yet very glossy. I'm not much of a shimmery lip gloss girl, so this hydrating balm is just what I need. It's offered in 8 different flavors and shades!

I am obsessed with Tarte products–their lipsticks ($21) are durable yet extremely smooth with the application. This brand offers a huge selection for neutral lip colors, and I love the quality of the product—I have received so many compliments on how in-tact my lips look after several hours...thanks Tarte!

This is what I use as my "going out lip," you could say. This particular gloss is OOS, but I found a similar product on Kylie Cosmetics. While some of you may be for or against the Kardashians, I've tried a ton of their products—you could say I'm obsess with their lipsticks and glosses...they're awesome. This gloss ($15) is very shimmery and long-lasting. It is has more of a brownish/plum color to it, making it perfect for a natural look. I love pairing this above my Tarte lipstick for a little shimmer, and the look is complete!

Hope you have liked my 2019 beauty roundup! I have spent a ton of time researching up and coming brands, testing products, and recommending my favorites to friends. If you have any questions, leave a comment below!




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